Two Currents in the Sea”- Oahu’s Gorgeous Kailua Beach

Two Currents in the Sea”- Oahu’s Gorgeous Kailua Beach

29th Jan 2020

Named after either the two lagoons located on the island or the two currents that run through the bay, Kailua can be translated to "two seas" or "two currents," and it is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian beaches. No wonder this piece of heaven that lies between Alala and Kapoho Points has been voted the best beach in America in several different surveys.

Immensely beautiful, Kailua Beach is breathtaking and has the power to alter your mind, body and spirit. It’s impossible not to relax when you’re surrounded by three miles of fine, soft white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Steady offshore trade winds, year-round mild temperatures and a protective reef also make Kailua Bay a fantastic spot for all sorts of water sports.

Finding the Hawaiian Paradise

Finding Kailua Beach is relatively easy, even if you are visiting Oahu for the first time. The sandy heaven is located on the island’s east shore, in Kailua, just a short drive over the mountains on the scenic Pali Highway from Waikiki. Kailua is home to a community of 36,513 people and hosts around 15,000 visitors per year, which is great for all travelers who prefer vacationing in tranquil places.

There are a few small roads that give access to the shore, but many prefer heading directly to Kailua Beach Park, where there is a good parking area, great shade from the ironwood trees, as well as many vendors renting watercraft.

Besides its laid-back vibes, Kailua pampers visitors with stunning views of the Mokapu Peninsula and the world-famous Mokulua Islands. Also, almost half a mile out from the beach, you have the gorgeous Flat Island, known for its bird sanctuary and for being an easy-to-reach destination for swimmers and kayakers.

A Bit of Fun for Everyone

At the south end of the beach, more adventurous visitors, who want to leave the warm sandy beach for a thrill, will find Kailua Beach Park, a 35-acre park that has been the center of windsurfing on Oahu since the 1970s, when the sport was introduced.

If windsurfing is not your cup of tea, there is also an area reserved for swimmers and marked by buoys along the park’s shore. Though the most popular activities are windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddling and swimming, the area also offers picnic tables and shelters, BBQ pits, beach volleyball courts, as well as a small shore break for boogie boarding.

Kayaking and stand up paddling to Mokulua Islands is a great choice and, thanks to Kailua Bay’s protective reef, it is also very safe. The waters are calm, with coral reefs and large sea turtles. If, however, you are a newbie when it comes to watersports, you can enjoy kayaking and windsurfing lessons in between your tanning sessions.

With canoeing being an honored Hawaiian tradition, there is no wonder Kailua Bay is also home to a very competitive canoe racing club. One incredible fact about this is that the canoes still use a design similar to the Polynesian voyaging vessels. Watching the various teams race is also a fantastic activity.

Kailua Beach Park's biggest annual event, however, is the fireworks display on the fourth of July. If you’ll be there in time to celebrate Independence Day, join the whole town and its visitors to watch the spectacular fireworks show over the bay.

In addition to the natural beauty of this beach and the multitude of water activities available, you will also find a charming beach market, Kalapawai Market. Established in 1932, the market offers everything a beach enthusiast needs for a relaxing day. Here, you can also indulge in gourmet take-out lunches, tasty coffees, and delicious wines.

Anytime is Beach Time on Oahu

Kailua Beach is blessed with fantastic weather all year round, so you can plan your vacation whenever you want. The warm sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, sunny sky, and plenty of thrilling activities are waiting for you.

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