The 25th Annual Honolulu Festival

The 25th Annual Honolulu Festival

8th Mar 2019

Honolulu Festival

Whether you are interested in relaxing on a beach bed while the sun caresses your skin and you listen to the strong waves of the ocean, or your dream vacation is filled with nature and adventures, but you also like strolling charming streets and attending memorable events, the beautiful island of Oahu is your perfect destination.

So, the island welcomes visitors with a multitude of outdoor activities for adrenaline seekers, many going out options and great local stores for the party and shopping lovers, as well as a great number of festivals and events that can conquer the heart of all cultural aficionados. And the Annual Honolulu Festival is one of the best.

Hawaii’s Premier Event: The 25th Annual Honolulu Festival

On the weekend of March 8 to 10 locals and visitors of Oahu will have the opportunity to attend the 25th Annual Honolulu Festival, a celebration that will mark a quarter-century of bringing arts, culture, music, food and fun to our beautiful island.

Honolulu Festival

But the Honolulu Festival means more to the people than the chance to have some great fun. It promotes mutual understanding, ethnic harmony, and economic cooperation between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim region. So, the festival is Hawaii’s most loved cultural event, and each year, it attracts thousands of new and returning spectators who interested in a memorable Hawaiian experience.

What to Expect: Great Events and a Spectacular Parade

From the 8th until the 10th of March, the 25th Annual Honolulu Festival brings a great number of programs and activities that will entertain curious locals and travelers, while showing them the unique blend of Asia, Pacific and Hawaiian cultures.

The performances will be offered by great performers from Hawaii, as well as from various countries and regions such as Tahiti, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea and mainland United States.

Regarding the events that will amaze everybody’s eyes and touch their hearts, the Aloha Dance Convention and the Friendship Gala, as well as the craft fair and numerous stage performances won’t be missing.

If you want to know more about the performance and events that will take place in Honolulu during these three days, you can check out the official page of the festival, and choose the ones you want to attend. There is also a lot of information about the past years’ editions, in case you want to learn more about the background of the 25th Annual Honolulu Festival.

Honolulu Festival

All the activities and events of the Honolulu Festival will take place close to the central area of the city, so getting there and attending the best programs will be easy for locals and tourists alike. In addition, admission to all events is free, ensuring that everyone who wants to get closer to the Hawaiian culture in an unforgettable way, can take part in the Festival.

While all the events have something special, the three-day festival culminates with a spectacular parade down Kalakaua Avenue, the main street in Waikiki.

Beginning at Saratoga Road and continuing down Kalakaua Avenue, the parade fills the streets with incredible cultural performances and floats. The purpose is, of course, to bring people together, and every year it is a success. During the parade, special guests like the Cherry Blossom, Narcissus Queens, Miss Hawaii, as well as hula dancers and school marching bands will entertain curious watchers. And there is more. After the Grand Parade, the Nagaoka Fireworks show will amaze everybody's eyes once more.

If you are in Oahu during the 25th Annual Honolulu Festival, you shouldn’t think twice before attending its great events and parties. In case you are too far away, maybe a pair of local, handmade Island Slippers will help you feel closer to the beautiful Hawaiian event.